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What Do You Want To Be, When You Grow Up?

When I was younger I went through stages, like everyone does, of wanting to be something one day, and suddenly something different the next. Something big; something great.

My first dream was to be a popstar, like all little girls dream of. I think as you begin to get older and wiser to situations, you realise that fame is probably not what it cracks up to look like. Yes, you may have the riches, the fortune, and anything you could possibly want materially at your hands, but can you ever be truly happy when those blasted paps follow you round all day?

Celebrity culture is like an addiction to today’s generation. “What is she wearing?” “Who is he dating?” “Is that baby reallycalled that?”
I guess celebrities these days are kind of like a religion; someone to worship. I am just glad I changed my mind (and didn’t actually have the talent) to be a popstar!

Next I moved onto wanting to be an air hostess, another job which seemed so glamorous and fun. Once I took a course in the understanding of the job, I realised that, although travelling is involved, countries may not be best seen from the skies!
For a while I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I went to college, studied a few topics that may have been a potential career path, and then went on to get a job until I found my niche.

After a while, and many many visits to Turkey, I had a sort of epiphany, and a realisation of the possibilities that the world has to offer.
I suddenly found myself realising that travelling could be my thing, a thing to broaden my mind, make my confidence grow, and ensure I would encounter people and adventures I never would, should I decide to stay still.

I decided to stay in Turkey and work for the summer, but my anticipation at venturing out got the better of me towards the summers end, and so I continued on to pastures far and wide.

It’s hard to explain to someone what travelling feels like, to someone who hasn’t felt it themself. It feels free, invigorating, and you open your mind to the probability of learning something new every single day. There are no worries, no cares, and the biggest decision is, “where shall I head to next?”

To be able to taste the spices and take in the scents of the Middle East, to be lost in translation at every turn in Asia, and to hear the sea crashing onto the shore whilst watching a perfect sunset in the Caribbean. To wander round golden hand carved temples, or to witness the cascading, powerful waters of Niagara Falls. How can you really capture those moments, with words?

Everyone has ambitions, and every single person is an individual. No one person can have exactly the same ideas and hopes as another, but that is what makes the world special. I have found that travelling has helped me meet like-minded people, but, in contrast, it has also taught me that people can happy and positive in their own, natural, home environment. This is admirable and ambitious in itself, as dreams differ from person to person and every one achieves something every day, no matter where in the world you are.

Have a think back to what you wanted to be when you were younger, and has it changed much at all? Of course you, as a person, have matured and changed in mind, but in spirit I think our hopes never actually shift.
From the young girl teaching made-up dances in the back garden, dreaming of the world, to the girl who is now exploring said world, whilst teaching her language; I guess, somewhere in me, I always had the bug of adventure.

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