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Weird & Wonderful Pt2

In part 1, I talked about many… oddities i came across whilst spending a year in China.
The beds in China are hard. End of story. At first, I saw a bed, and automatically flopped onto it. Well I nearly broke my back, as did I every night for the first few months. It took me a very long time to get used to, and after time, I started not to notice it anymore until I used to wake up after sleeping on my back and noticed I couldn’t actually move for a good 10 minutes without doing some sort of distorted yoga! All of the mattresses were rock hard, and the softest I slept on was probably the ‘soft sleeper’ cabin I had once on a train; it was still as hard as laying on a concrete floor. Their pillows also seemed to have one side with some strange sort of beading inside, like soft (ish) balls inside, and the other had lots of ridges. Moral= Don’t take your comfortable, warm, soft British bed for granted!

It was very difficult to adjust to the Chinese Peoples’,. ways and habits. It is each man for themselves here, it truly is. You just have to look at the roads to realise it. A car horns’ sole purpose (if you look it up) Is to warn others you are coming through- and that is how China have literally taken it. They honk their astonishingly loud horns all the time, and any direction you want to go you can. There has been times when I am walking, in a wide open space, and someone walks directly into me, even though there is a whole pavement available. Spacial awareness is a no no, and you know how when someone pulls out in front of you and cuts you up on the road? Well, it is normal here. Sometimes a car will pull out or start to do a U- turn or even reverse whilst I am heading towards it.
I went to a newborn baby celebration last week, which was different, and everyone sat down to eat dinner. Next thing I know I turn around and everyone has disappeared! “Dinner is over” someone said- there is literally no social aspect to their lives, which is so strange, in England it’s like.. “I don’t want to be the first to leave because I look rude!!” Not much is considered rude in China.
Let me bullet point a few other things..

  • When you want to order in a restaurant, you click your fingers or wave the waiter down
  • When you want to pay, you give them the money without asking, or someone has usually already paid randomly for your meal, in which case slip away…
  • They have TOO MUCH PACKAGING!! In the UK, we have no carrier bags given, easter eggs are wrapped all environmentally friendly, but here they just can’t get enough of the wrappers! I bought a small pack of chocolate eclair candies and there was a layer around the actual sweet layer paper. then i opened it, and each sweet was individually wrapped..
  • QUEUE JUMPING- you can be waiting in line for AGES and someone will come in front of you and proceed to be served before you without batting an eyelid
  • Ordering.. If someone comes in after you and orders, the likelihood is they will eat and go before you even start- they seem to cook the smaller things first, which i guess makes sense, can you imagine this in the Western world?
  • In Mcdonalds they have a queue monitor, who directs you where to stand. If they direct you to one queue, you stand there, GUARANTEED the other line will go much faster and more people get served while you are still waiting!
  • Chinese people eat ice cream together with their meal, like take a bite of a burger, take a lick of ice cream..
  • They snack on Chicken feet, and at dinners eat duck head

Nothing is WRONG with any of these things, they are just different.

Wow where do I start.
Chinese women tend to wear the shortest and most provocative clothing I have seen.
Sometimes I wonder if I was to wear these party style going out clothes in the daytime, what people would think of me!
I have seen 10 inch heels, suspenders, mini skirts on business women, and so on. The cleavage part seems to be left to the western world..
A lot of clothing has ‘English’ lettering, which actually doesn’t say anything at all, just letters jumbled together to make it look ‘International’
Another thing is SPARKLES! Sequins, Miffy, Hello Kitty, Doreamon and general cartoon characters. They seem to love it. Thank goodness that is something I haven’t picked up..

Anyway this week I was riding home from School when I saw 2 Tigers, a Lion and a Bear on my street corner. The circus was in town! But I imagine it to be quite cruel, so obviously didn’t go. It has been thundering obscenely the past few days, like something out of the movies! But it is still so humid, 91%25 humidity- wow.

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