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There are some great places out there for backpackers and travellers alike to get great essentials for travelling, and also some travel-inspired accessories that help you to still feel your traveller self when home.

Listed below are a few of my top picks- just click on the name of each brand to be connected!


Bohomoon Bohomoon

This site is best for its travel inspired accessories such as rings, anklets and necklaces at very affordable prices. They have new items in every month, and usually have a great sale on. My personal favourites are the elephant themed rings.


Ivory Ella 

Ivory Ella Last year an estimated 30,000 elephants were killed around the world; that is 1 every 20 minutes. With that shocking statistic, we should be doing so much more to protect these precious animals. With every purchase from Ivory Ella, 10% of the profit from the sale will be donated to Save The Elephants. With over $165,000 already donated, we should continue to buy from this beautiful and thoughtful online company, that sell top quality clothing, bottles and accessories.


The Elephant Pants

The elephant PantsThe Elephant Pants sells print and patterned tapestries, jewellery, bags and, of course, elephant themed pants and leggings. The elephant population has been in a 50% decline over the last 35 years and their mission is to stop the poaching and hunting of these animals by donating a portion of every sale to the African Wildlife Foundation. All of their products are made by hand, by a team of well-paid and well-treated staff in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Landmass Goods

This company created the World Map Hat, which shows off the real traveller in you! From scratch maps that donate $10 of every sale to Landmass Goodsthe earthquake in Ecuador to world wall maps in every colour and size possible, Landmass Goods has created a timeless product for all of us nomads.


Mipacha Shoes

Mipacha SHoes Mipacha  was founded in Cuzco, Peru, and their shoes are handmade by local people, using local textiles. They are fair-trade, and their colourful, symbolic sign represents the originality and home of these beautiful shoes. Mipacha offers proigrammes for locals; training unemployed women to become skilled workers, and to assist with a more sustainable, western-style working condition for Peruvians. 




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