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Sevilla Sunsets

Seville; a stunningly beautiful city that well and truly stole my heart. Although I lived in Spain for more than 2 years, I believe people do not visit enough of their own country so I therefore decided to take a summer city break to Andalucia, where my boyfriend and I stayed 3 days in Sevilla.

Arriving late, we took a midnight stroll to a local tapas bar where we were astounded by the prices of the food and drinks; 1.50 for a tapa and 1.50 for a vino blanco. I thought to myself, I think I am going to like this city! The hotel was very centrally located, although Sevilla is reasonably small and therefore most areas are near to various amenities.

Sevilla shopping

Day one consisted of walking, hours upon hours in the warm, dry heat; a welcome change from the constant humidity of where I lived on the Costa Blanca. The narrow shaded alleys which form the central shopping area was a maze of variously classed stores, with small cafes and heladeria’s alternating between them. I could have wandered Sevilla for longer than the 3 days I was there as it is a city where getting lost is essential, in order to find the hidden architectural beauties which sometimes are mere apartment buildings or office spaces.

Onto Plaza de FB_IMG_1444735080083Espana, a semi-circular orange brick building which is overwhelmingly large. My boyfriend spotted small rowing boats for rent, so we found ourselves floating, and crashing, around the area which, to me, was the most romantic place on Earth.

Sevilla spoiled me; Spanish guitar softly strumming whilst we ate dinner in a vineyard-covered courtyard, and with the rooftop balcony connected to our hotel room where we had our breakfast every morning. I wondered if it was possible for another person to ever feel such happiness as I did in those three days; taking evening swims in a cool pool whilst streams of pink and orange filled the sky at sunset.

Not only did Sevilla capture my heart, but my boyfriend and I shared such a special time together that has surely created everlasting memories.

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