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Meet a Girl Who Travels

When you decide to travel, whether it be for a month or six, a year or five, embracing cultures and gaining a wider perspective on the world is what matters most. Travelling broadens the mind. Travelling makes a person feel differently about the world, and doesn’t tend to see things through tunneled vision. People begin to respect and appreciate the smaller things in life more; living out of a backpack is a wonderful thing rather than a chore.

You know when a person has been travelling. Their Facebook is covered in pictures of stunning sunsets and lazy beach days. They are happy with the minimal, have put their hands over ancient stone relics and through golden hot sands. They sporadically have random memories which make them smile, with others wondering what on earth you are smiling to yourself about. Travelling to the places you may have been can never be described in words or by photos, but by sharing memories and selfies with people you meet along the way; these memories last a lifetime. 

People who travel have woven material bracelets stuck to their arms as they have been through all weathers and have collected flags on their backpacks from all the uniue countries they have visited. A person who travels takes more than just one single moment that has happened to them, yet wishes they could relive them all again and again.

Meet a girl who travels and has Skype as a best friend, and loves not knowing that ‘goodbye’ at the airport could be weeks, months or even years. A girl who travels know that a hug can mean so much to you when you are out of your comfort zone, but that a seemingly strange hostel bed is also a place to call home, once away.
Travellers take excitement from being able to change location every 2, 3 or 4 days; not staying in one place for too long. A girl who travels meet friends who, even if they speak to them once a year, mean so much to them because of the moments that they have shared. A girl who travels has a bucketlist of things to achieve before their planned trip is over, yet feels like their adventure is never really over, even when back ‘home’.
A person who travels thrives on adventures and simplicity, endless possibilities and the unknown; a brimming feeling of excitement at experiencing cultures, languages, religions and wonders of the world. Their eyes will be brightened by the mere thought of a new day of exploring and adventure. A person who travels will be transformed by seeing and living the ways in which minimalism can be all you may need.
People who travel have a chance to miss, and be missed.

 Explore and discover the world for yourself, because dreams are the stuff reality is made from.

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