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Love in many languages

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I have always lived a life of wander; in anticipation of the next adventure, the next corner I would take to find the clear, crystal waters that lead my turbulent yet wonderfully nomadic lifestyle.

You can travel the world looking for yourself; even looking for the ‘culture’ and ‘experience’ that you feel you should explore in your lifetime. You can travel the world hoping to find anything and everything that people believe is out there in the big wide world. One thing that people do not expect to find, however, I found; one person you never think you will come across, I did. I travelled all the way around the world and back again, to then head to Spain and find the absolute love of my life and my soul mate.

I was experiencing an ‘anti-man’ period of my life. That time in your 20’s when you feel like. after dating many frogs, you are fine alone and only need yourself, as no one else is reliable enough to depend on but you. You, you, and you.

He approached me in a local bar one evening, (sounds cliché, I know.. wait for it..) and sat right next to me. Pretending not to be aware and just thinking it was an everyday occurrence that the most Craig-David-looking person I had ever seen (the original favourite man) sits right next to you. We proceeded to chat about our lives, and we both realised suddenly that meeting wasn’t just a coincidence. My face showed confusion mixed with excitement; his face showing that this was fate happening right in front of us. He took my number, yet in the fireworks sparking around us I missed the chance to get his; a mistake that made my week drag and my mind crazed about if it was just the one conversation that was to be my memory of this guy who had had me enthralled, and leaving me wanting to know so much more.

A week dragged by, work occupying my thoughts and worries about what I had done, for him not to contact me; finally I had agreed to see my friend who just so happened to live in the same house as him. Confidence brimming from all over for the first time in a while, I asked him why he hadn’t got in contact- outrageous!  He echoed my question back, “why did you not text me?” It turned out that he hadn’t realised I had mistakenly not taken his number; nevertheless, we arranged to meet later on that evening.

After a few hours spent looking at my lacklustre choice of outfits in the wardrobe and sending selfies to friends across the world asking if I looked ok for my first date in, well… ever, I went to meet the guy.. finally! Fast forward 2 years to countless date nights and numerous holidays that even a screenwriter couldn’t have written better, we have realised that the night we met changed both of our lives into the actual thing that a lot of people never even find in their lifetime; the person who knows you better than you even know yourself, and the only person you can pour your heart out to yet laugh until you cry, all at the same time.

The bucketlist of life has grown extensively since being together; rowing down a Spanish river basking in the glorious sunshine, to bunk-bed living in Asia, from camping in 35 degree heat in a one-man tent to luxurious hotels in European capitals.  Travelling the world is a mountain of climbs and falls, but love is the greatest adventure of them all.

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