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Life after Travelling

There comes a time during your trip around the big wide world, when you have to think about that dreaded word, home. A place that you left behind without bad memories, but now you’ve discovered places to make unforgettable memories, it can make one feel apprehensive and even a little scared.
Of course, there is an option to travel for the rest of your life, but at some point reality is likely to hit and you’ll come to remember that you have family and friends at home who you should probably take the time to see. The worst part of the whole thought of travelling back to where you came from is most likely the bitter weather, or the fact that no one will quite understand just what you’ve experienced. In actual fact, the hardest part is when you finally have that one second alone, and the memories of tropical beaches and mountainous views comes flooding back to you, and you start to realise how unimportant the littlest things have become. You will start to think of days spent whizzing around in a tuk-tuk, and diving in the crystal Asiatic seas, and moments where the sunset was so astounding you couldn’t take a breath; nights spent dancing on the never-ending stretches of beach.
The most important thing to remember is that life is the same, no matter where in the world you go. Every individual still has their personal goals and strifes, and every person still has to work or study to make their way in life. You have been lucky enough to have experienced not only different cultures, but completely different ways of living, and your memories should only be blocks that contribute towards building your own tower and going on your next adventure. Travelling doesn’t only mean having a good time, it also means making a difference and learning something about both you, and the others you have met along the way. Coming home can be seen as a break, or a permanent fixture in your life, but coming home should only add fuel to the fiery passion permeating from you that the next adventure is simply an idea away.
No one should be able to convince your nomadic mind to change; to tell you that travelling isn’t forever and eventually you’ll have to ‘settle down’; what does that mean, anyway? Settling down into your beach hammock with the warm Caribbean breeze on your face, or settling down to sleep on an overnight bus (which is comfier than the last 5 hostel bunk beds you’ve slept in) is the only kind of settling down you need to experience. Although memories fade when new adventures arise, the best way to refresh them is to find something new in every single day you are home, and to hold on to the anticipation for the next world exploration. Wander the side alleyways you’ve never ventured down in your hometown of 20 years, and discover what your own childhood home used to be like. Take a spontaneous trip to the local museum or stroll through the thick forest you’ve always known is there but never explored, and you may start to feel a rush of wanderlust seeping back into your veins.
Home is never a word that should be dreaded, instead bringing excitement, intrigue and warmth at the idea of a short pause in your mission to see every facet of the beautifully breathtaking world.

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