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I Left My Heart In Valencia

For most of my adult life, I have been a traveller, a wanderluster seeking the next thrill or adventure. I love to explore, and discovery has happened not only with tangible objects and places, but also with myself. I have come across new passions as well as destinations, and I have made many everlasting memories along the way.

Many people ask, “when are you going to lead a normal life?” and my answer remains the same- what is ‘normal’? My normal became waking up in a new place every few days, and wandering out to find the next experience to have. My normal became making ‘best friends’ of someone I had just met, and sharing travel stories with them whilst learning of new lands to visit. My normal became exceptional and just waking up every day knowing I was going to yet again learn something new, was a feeling that very quickly became addictive.

Valencia Arts and Sciences Travel Writing

2013 came and I decided to try something new; something closer to my family in the UK. I hadn’t done much travelling in Europe before, so I seized the opportunity to take a teaching position I was offered. I moved to Valencia, Spain, and although I had no fixed amount of time I was planning on staying, I was still here, almost 2 years on. I woke up in the mornings thoroughly excited to get outside and to just see this incredible city I now called home. Life is wonderful and for many different reasons, including coming to the realisation that I have had a spectacularly special life in my short 25 years. It has been full of adventure, hard work yet the most amazing travels and I have been lucky to meet such a vast array of warm, friendly people. However, there is something about Valencia that wowed me daily; from the ancient architecture to the futuristic scientific buildings that blew my mind every single time I saw them. Valencia Travel Blog

I had found absolute happiness in one place. This place allowed the nomad in me to still have an adventure every single day, and continually left me inspired to keep exploring the small, yet stunning city. I felt in total awe every time I stepped outside and gazed around.

Valencia has become special for many reasons. It made me feel brave enough to begin working for myself, and the freedom the job gave encouraged me to keep pushing and working harder each day so it is even more possible to explore the diverse country I have come to share my heart with- Spain.


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