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You Find It When You Least Expect It

When you travel the world, you expect to meet like-minded people. You also expect to meet people who are on a path of self-discovery, or who have come away to escape from the daily grind and therefore their daily selves; others may just be adventure-seeking wanderlusters, or another nomad hopelessly searching for work in a destination, for the chance to lengthen their trip. It is not often, however, that fate leads you to meet someone who was meant to come into your life, and a person who you will know forever. An individual whose reason or purpose for the connection is not immediately clear, but someone who makes a difference, however small, to every single day. On a level like no other, you connect and you intrinsically know how that individual is feeling, even with words unspoken.

Not only do the choices we make in our lives affect the outcome of our everyday, but those choices also bring us towards, and away from, certain people and places. After travelling numerous countries in multiple continents, I have learnt how to be alone and how to occupy my time, without relying on others; something that I believe is essential to knowing yourself and your own likes. I have, however, met a few people who have changed, or added, to my life for the better. Sometimes, you come across people in the strangest of ways, but they shouldn’t be discounted on the circumstance that you’ve met- the world definitely does work in mysterious ways.

From the person you met on the plane that day and bonded over a small chocolate bar for the epically long journey to Thailand, to the girl who was laughably early like you on the first day of your new job, both of these people have added to your memories and would definitely open up their suitcase to pile you in if they could. Distance between friends that have met on the road is a much smaller thing than to the people you miss from your hometown; they can understand your urges to jump on a random flight, and to hike up the tallest mountain you see. This is not to say those at home don’t matter, they do, but in a comforting way that can instantly remind you of where you are from.

The person you meet on your travels will know when you need space to readjust to your surroundings, but will also know the right time to flood your phone with one-worded Whatsapp’s. You bond over your quirky likes and similar moans, and both know that no matter who else comes into your life, no other friendship will be quite the same. A true friendship can stand the shocks of adversity and can also fulfill the need to be there for each other, even if you’d actually both rather be somewhere else. Meeting a person with a similar outlook is not necessarily essential; a true friend should know you throughout your successes and failures, and should admire your strength through both.

I feel extremely lucky to have made lasting friendships whilst living a life on the road, and have come to realise that those who find time in their diary for someone else is valuable, but a friend who does not even consult their diary is worth cherishing for a lifetime.

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